2013. augusztus 18., vasárnap

Kira, on his quilt

 Kira, on his quilt

This is my entry to the Pets on quilts 2013 show, featuring my 2 years old he-cat, Kira, waiting patiently to have back his beloved quilt. (the red striped one under him). Kira had only a few weeks when we found him abandoned on the street in a cold spring morning. I wonder how he survived, he was starving and did not know how to eat, we fed him by a syringe first, then with a baby bottle. He is a big boy now, very well mannered and we all love him from whiskers to toes!
 Kira's quilt

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Benevezek egy versenyecskére, macskámat, Kirát már ismeritek, itt éppen a neki készült szőnyegecskén várja, mikor teszem arrébb a kész táskát.